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 I love to learn. Sometimes, I makes notes on what I learn. Here are some notes…of what I learnt. 


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Who is Michael Ovitz by Michael Ovitz - Book Summary, Lessons and Quotes
Producing and Business

Ovitz is a tycoon of the film industry. In this book, he shares advice on how to behave in this creative (yet tough) business. Check out the full summary.

On Writing by Stephen King - Book Summary, Lessons and Quotes

Get tips from a writing genius. The #1 [horror] author in the world shows you how to write productively. Read the complete book summary now.

Save the Cat by Blake Snyder - Book Summary, Beat Sheet, Lessons and Quotes

How to write and SELL your first screenplay? Snyder answers this (and more) in this toolkit for beginner screenwriters. Check out our full summary on it.

In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch - Book Summary, Lessons and Quotes

Walter Murch is a master Editor and Sound Designer. In this book, he shares incredible insight and advice for filmmakers. Read the complete summary now.