Nothingness. Only white. Where the hell are we? Antarctica? Siberia? The biannual meeting of the Kid Rock fan club?

Then...a man appears. Pop!

This is MIKE BATTLE (30). Part English, part Irish, with the skin tone to match. Nervous that you'll like his nerdy website.


Hi, I'm Mike! Welcome to my own little space on the internet.

A beat. He waits awkwardly. Like a Nintendo Wii avatar.


Oh, you want to know about me, right?


for you entertainment industry folks,

by day I'm a screenwriter

repped by Curtis Brown, and by

night I run the Red Carpet Rookies

It's a passion project of mine that

aims to demystify the film/tv

industry via career stories from

existing pros.

I've been lucky enough to be

featured by Vanity Fair and the

BBC, with guests that hold over 150

Oscar & BAFTA nominations.


For the non-industry folks,


also interested in a variety of

disconnected topics like making

content/writing online, health,

personal development and playing

music. Many of which I write about

on this website.

Anyway, if you'd like to learn more

about me or reach out, click the

links in the menu bar above or find

me on